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The Gambling Files

Jul 26, 2022

It's a musical feast this episode, it really is - sponsored by Sportingtech of course! We have Mara Carlyle's excellent Bowlface en Provence as intro music, then Jon muses on smoking bans in casinos, which customers didn't return after covid shutdowns, and his recent car accident; Jon is also joined by top rapper Fur Q who opines on his preferred iGaming platform provider [0:00 - 16:14]. Then we welcome back the always-excellent Frank op de Woerd of to talk about recent developments in the Netherlands, and a bit about iGB Live! too [16:15 - 35:35]; then we have a musical advert (a word from our sponsors!), then it's on to Leo Judkins, who is shaking up the industry's fitness and has a programme running on LinkedIn and online right now. Well worth a listen, though Jon may have overshared [35:50 - 1:31:38]. Finally Jon explains where you can find us online [1:31:40 - 1:32:18]. Enjoy!