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The Gambling Files

Jul 5, 2022

It's a strange one this week... But it's also our first with a sponsor, yay! Welcome to and all the good shit they do. Jon is on his own for the intro so it's thankfully short, not unlike him [0:00 - 10:39], then Jake Benzaquin and Dean Sisun join the cahps to discuss Prophet Exchange [10:49 - 43:37]. Alan Davis stops by to explain what the hell Spotlight Sports' new report is about and to hear Jon tell a joke that's actually quite good [43:38 - 1:24:10]; finally we are joined by Lorraine Perrons of Gambling Recovery Therapy who explains to Jon about Rapid Transformational Therapy, and how it may seriously help treatment in the sector [1:24:11 - 2:28:24]. Finally we explain where you can find us [2:28:27 - 2:29:44].