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The Gambling Files

Aug 25, 2022

Did we mention we are presently sponsored by Sportingtech? They're great. But after the chat I just had with the garage, we might need another sponsor. Gah. Anyway, jon keeps chit-chat light but asks for feedback [0:00 - 4:30] then is joined by Jamie Mitchell of Low6 fame to talk, well, Low6 and other stuff. Luckily Fintan emailed some questions in and you should probably listen just to see how that turns out. It's not pretty [4:31 - 1:03:07]. Then Clare Cogan rolls in to discuss the difficulties of recruitment and retaining staff in present times, also candidate ghosting is now a thing, and she's in a book club that sounds pretty decent [1:03:48 - 2:01:14]. Ooooh, shall we have a TGFP book club? Now you're talking.