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The Gambling Files

Jun 1, 2022

Another week, another video trail, and yet again Jon gets away with Fintan not realising they've started recording. This week, the Indiana Jones and Short Round of the gambling industry talk smack [0:00 - 15:31] then meet the legendary Kate Chambers to discuss ICE and her new project, The Gaming Boardroom [15:32 - 1:14:03]. Then Tom Waterhouse pops in to talk about his career and life as a 4th generation bookie, plus some tales of his amazing grandfather and their ties to Tonga [1:14:04 - 1:58:49]. Finally we meet Jed Corenthal of Phenix, who discusses streaming and in-play betting with Fintan while Jon is waylaid for the entirety of the actual interview [1:58:50 - 2:26:23] but luckily, his mic is off. Finally, you can learn where to follow and subscribe [2:26:24]. Do they all watch Cobra Kai? Listen to find out! Enjoy the episode!