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The Gambling Files

May 17, 2022

Ohhhh this is a good episode. Fintan and Jon talk about, you know, what's in the episode first [0:00 - 11:35], followed by the great Tom Nieman explaining what's going on with Chicago and its planned casino, and why the nay-sayers are circling [11:36 - 46:27]. Then we're joined by the excellent Alberto Alfieri of Jada Gaming and Paul Crisp of Symplify to explain why their AI-driven hyper-individualisation software is great for customer service - and 50% of these guests watch Cobra Kai - plus a new movement is formed [46:28 - 1:32:14]. Finally, we are graced with the company of Asia Gaming Brief's Sharon Singleton and Ros Wade to talk us through expectations in the Philippines post-election, the new president's urban myth, and more Macau Madness [1:32:15 - 2:08:31]. Finally, the subs stuff [2:08:32 - 2:09:05]. Enjoy a packed episode.