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The Gambling Files

Aug 2, 2022

More free-of-charge treats, you lucky people! And all in association with Sportingtech, who we love and stuff. We have some intro burble from Jon - probably best skipped this episode, and that's being generous [0:00 - 10:35] followed by the always wonderful Jennifer Gaynor who joins us to talk Vegas and what's been going on there - bodies in the lake, casinos being demolished, all sorts [10:54 - 46:44]. Then we're joined by hang on that can't be right no it is, Jennifer Gaynor to talk about the weather in Las Vegas last week [46:45 - 1:07:41]. Then it's on to a trio of legends in YGAM's Dan Bliss and Ian Shanahan, and BetKnowMore's Ben Davies to discuss their awesome collaborative RG training project. Very interesting, and all three are Netflix users. But could that mean... Well, listen and find out [1:08:21 - 2:01:49]! Finally we have the lovely Jay Sayta, joining us for a brief chat to announce Gateway2Gaming's inaugural gaming expo and conference in Goa later this year. It's going to be a winner - find out more here [2:01:49 - 2:08:40].

There are also, hidden among the guests, two shiny new Sportingtech ad spots in there, featuring high quality professional standard production and content. Ha.