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The Gambling Files

May 26, 2022

It's another winner. And this one has a video trailer! Fintan and Jon talk trash to start, including Fintan's next challenge, the destruction of the traditional news network, and some other stuff [0:00 - 38:18]. Then Simon Thomas joins the podcast, The Don at The Hippodrome Casino. Simon discusses the upcoming Gambling Act review in the UK, and talks about the first 10 years of the Hippodrome's life, and drops the odd name here and there. Prince, for example [38:19 - 1:36:10]. Finally, we are outclassed and outwitted by Eilers and Krejcik's Alun Bowden who explains the real deal with gambling black markets and why they're often used as political weapons [1:36:11 - 2:23:13]. Finally, how and where you can find us [2:23:14 - 2:24:12]. Enjoy!